1 Click DVD Copy Review

1Click DVD Copy Review

First things first, when it comes to easy usage, fast conversion speed, and remarkable and superb copy output quality, 1Click DVD Copy has certainly made its mark. It is a very stable 1Click DVD Copy Softwaresoftware program jam-packed with all the features you want and may ever need, and provides great value for its low asking price.

One feature that makes the 1Click DVD Copy stands out from the rest is its CPRx Technology. Because many distributors today are trying to prevent consumers from making back up copies of their DVDs, they try to put bad sectors and structures in the DVD movie so that an error will come out when it is tried ton be copied. But with the CPRx technology, the error can be corrected which can allow the copying process to continue without any flaws.

As of now, the CPRx technology can only be found with the 1Click DVD Copy and the 1Click DVD Copy Pro.

Installation of the 1Click DVD Copy to your computer is as easy as actually using the program. Using only a few clicks, you will be able to have the 1Click DVD Copy installed in your computer, ready to use.

Plus, 1Click DVD Copy is regularly updated which allows it to cope up with the new DVDs being released in the market. 

But what is impressive is its fast operation plus the fact that all you need to make back ups of your DVD is all found in the interface.

All in all, the 1Click DVD Copy can certainly be the only thing you need to back up your DVDs.